Do you need a good property dealer or can you do it yourself?


Gurgaon has grown into a mature city with the latest commercial and real estate boom in the area and India in general. Merely over a decade ago, we started as a city that harbored some call centers and corporate offices of MNCs who didn’t want to be part of the big metropolitan National Capital of Delhi, but would prefer something not far from it to gain from the human resources it offered. As real estate grew and people realized that Gurgaon is the next happening thing, developers after developers made their way into the realty scene and up came the skyscrapers that now hosted big commercial entities besides the who’s who of Delhi, who either found solace in the farm houses that were part of this town much before these building came up or opted to move into luxury high end homes. The middle class executive also looked around and builders had plenty to offer. What came along the booming realty industry were new property dealers who facilitated big deals and mage huge gains. Gains for some can also be losses for others and many people claimed to have got raw deals. A good real estate broker is still the need for the hour. Dealers are plenty but advisers are few. A good adviser can help you rake in millions or leave you in the lurch wondering why would you choose a consultant without actually verifying how long has he been around, how does his office look, what kind of people does he employ and more. A great agent is what a common property finder needs to be looking at. A company that has been around for years can actually pass on some valuable information about the city and the news of what is to come ahead. Whether you look for the best agent or broker or adviser or consultant or property dealer- and you can call him anything, will decide the coming years of your life in terms of investment and lifestyle advise. Choose your advisor carefully. Mere presence and calling yourself a real estate company doesn’t necessarily make you the best or even a good agent. Why compromise when you can get a better one. A good adviser is value not only in terms of monetary value but also to help you decide your future lifestyle decisions are made with utmost clarity and you are not advised hastily. Take your time and choose your agent before you decide to go for any real estate decision.
The author is from Capital Tree – the premier real estate consulting firm in Gurgaon. With presence in the city for over a decade, the company has helped thousands realize their realty dreams and has helped hundreds of investors rake in the money. Strong relationships with individual investors and developers gives Capital Tree an edge that it passes on to you as the end customer. The company is committed to stay with you every step of the way as you invest or sell, with great advisers on board. Be it commercial or residential, there are a range of real estate solutions waiting for you to put your minds and hands into. Call your honest advisers now at 0124 4001037 or find us at to know more about our offerings.

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