Review of Palam Vihar, Gurgaon

palam vihar

Palam Vihar is said to be one of the oldest areas of the newly found Gurgaon metropolitan. The new investors looking for space outside Delhi, but cheaper than Delhi found solace in the fact that Palam Vihar was not too far and yet much cheaper. Palam Vihar would often be called the border of the new settlements in Gurgaon way back (or not so way back) in 2002. The past saw the new residents looking for markets, connectivity and all facilities that are a challenge for the new settlements. As darkness descended, Safety was always a fear among the girls, people of good age, and scared even the men to go out late at night.

Times have changed and have changed a lot. Let us review this locality on a rank of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest ranking.

I rank Palam vihar 5 out of 5 on connectivity. It is well connected to Delhi and other parts of Gurgaon alike. It takes 20 minutes to be at Dwarka metro station, 15 minutes to the border of Delhi, 20 minutes to the Airport, 40 minutes (without traffic) to Connaught Place, and 15 minutes to MG road metro. A big hospital Columbia Asia is a 2 minutes drive. Restaurants and markets are in plenty for all budget ranges. Schools are many and roads are maintained fairly well. Traffic is manageable except at 6PM to 7 PM coming from Sheetla Mata. From Old Delhi Gurgaon road, its still fine.

I rank it 5 out of 5 on cleanliness and greenery as the tree cover and road cleanliness is awesome. Even compared to certain areas of DLF, Palam Vihar is way cleaner.

On neighbourhood, I rank it a high 5 out of 5 as well and with Raahgiri day finding its new home here on Sundays, well its a treat to be so close. The educated nuclear families who love to be in villas, and kothis, have found a green home. Some high rise luxury apartments like Celebrity Homes bring in some variety as well in terms of good apartment societies.

Malls have sprung up all over Gurgaon. Palam vihar would not be left behind on this aspect. Ansals Plaza took its time to have the footfall a mall needs, and subsequently the brands to make a presence felt, but a range of good brands of apparel, lifestyle, eateries, electronics, cinema are all around now. Ansals Plaza is a hot favorite of the local populace. The only one till now, but fair enough for the population it caters to. Ansals Corporate Plaza now seems to be catching up with a big reputed supermarket chain coming in, so Palam Vihar looks to fill up its gaps pretty well as of now.

The only thing to improve, I say, is that Palam Vihar needs to bring up standards with is the safety although it is moving there with many watchmen in almost each lane. Another area of improvement would be stray dogs and pigs found in certain areas, like in most parts of Gurgaon. Municipal Corporation needs to act on the pest control thing.

To sum it up, I would say Palam Vihar is almost there. Palam Vihar is affordable, well connected, green, has all utilities in sight and is still within budget of most middle class. Hats off !

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