2 BHK, 3 BHK, 1 BHK, Studio in Gurgaon


To choose what you need when you are taking a decision to buy a house baffles many, in fact everyone at some point in their lives. A house provides more than just shelter. Memories are carved from within these four walls and its surroundings. We look at our wallets and decide. No one is saying that should not be the case. The reason recession hit many badly was the increasing credit lines they depended on. When investing, we also need to calculate the value of money going down, our career graphs increasing and more importantly the space required only increases with a life style that we start to adorn every few years, with growing family and needs. We don’t think of many things when we are planning a new house, as we are so absorbed in our thoughts to arrange the finances and the documentation, besides looking at legalities, the location and many more things. A room for your domestic help (called servant room, and I don’t say that’s a decent word to continue using) are not in the thoughts of many, but the same people are perplexed by thoughts when they do have to hire a full time domestic help to help out in chores and with children and busy lives. Upgrading to a Penthouse or 3 BHK flat from a 2 BHK or from 1 BHK apartment to 2 BHK or to 1 BHK from Studio, is a call which is sometimes not so easy to make with present situations and mindsets, but as time progresses, the thought of why we didn’t take that decision then baffles the brain, and you could have managed it your mind says, but now you can’t as to sell and buy at present prices isn’t that easy. To buys, sell, rent, invest you need to consider more than the present situation, finances. You will have to forecast, look ahead, visualize, have a vision and then take the decision of your life. Don’t overvalue yourself, but don’t under value also. Is there an option to upgrade in your terms and conditions for a new launch or under construction property? Have you asked your builder or agent that question? What would be the difference? Is a plot better to invest into or would an apartment suit your lifestyle better? A residential decision is more than just a thought. It defines the next few years or more of your life. Think hard, and choose wisely. To upgrade or stay in a better locality or to move homes to get more space. Gurgaon has plenty to choose from. Be it flats, villas, penthouses, dupleix, town houses or plots, residential opportunities are many with reputed and budding developers offering the consumer a range of choices. Builders have opened up a box of choices, what you want to pick based on your understanding will decide the course of your life and investment. A good real estate advise does more than offer you choices, he helps you make the most important decision of your life and tells you the plus and minuses of the project and the location.
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