If you are an investor and looking to grow your money to newer heights each time you invest into something, the opportunity that knocks your door today is the GRAND HYATT RESIDENCES !

Let us show you how.

You initially pay 35% of the payment to start with. So for the 4625 square feet of the Apartment, you pay 5 crore, 25 Lacs, within the initial 4 months.

As time passes, we look at what happens to your investment, four Years down the line. The year is 2018 and the project is now ready for possession.

Not only is the project ready, the Golf Course Extension Road, the metro, the areas around, commercial and residential, are all ready and amongst the best planned areas of the city.

We are very confident, you will love the finished product and the GRAND HYATT RESIDENCES will lure you into an unprecedented level of luxury and service standards, that you will find it hard not to stay there. However, you still decide to sell !

Following international trends of hotel managed properties versus the regular luxury ones, the hotel managed properties are usually double the prices. So the luxurious apartments of Aralias and Magnolias which will be trending around the 40 to 45000 per square feet at the time, according to the most conservative estimates, and considering these are not even hotel managed properties, we are looking at a selling price of 90,000 per square feet for the GRAND HYATT RESIDENCES, which in turn will be managed by one of the world’s best hospitality chains today.

For argument sake, Let’s say this increase does not really happen, and the rate is 80,000 per square feet.

Looking at hard market conditions today, let’s say we don’t achieve that mark too, and the rate is only 70,000 per square feet.

Conservatively speaking, considering that the present buyer sentiment is at a very low level and may continue to be low for the next few months, let’s say, even this does not happen and the rate you get for your investment is only 60,000 per square feet, you still decide to sell at this rate !

You get 27 crore 75 Lacs for the apartment sold, of which you pay the developer Ireo the remaining 9 crore 89 Lacs as the 65 percent payment remaining as per contract.

you are left with 17 crore 86 Lacs and considering that you had already paid 5 crore 25 Lacs earlier, you are left with 12 crore 61 Lacs as your cool profit after you sold.

Now that’s a staggering 240 percent profit made within four years, which, remember, is at our conservatively low evaluation levels.

you could end up making much more than that !

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