Property portals add to your knowledge and choice making, but fail to beat the human touch

The consumer in the realty market today is spoilt for the choices. But it is equally a hard decision to make. When trying to buy, rent or even sell, the deciding rate and the approach was often based on hear say in the conventional years gone by. The day and age has changed today and the consumer is well informed.
The yester years saw property sold via newspaper adverts, and through brokers. With the advent of media and the internet, the marketing has changed it’s face. More and more properties are finding their presence online and even the resale market of ready to move in properties which once was only bought through brokers is finding itself marketed on the net.
No one can replace the magic of newspapers but what has changed is the digital aspect. One can experience a 360 degree view via a digital creation of a property months before the foundation is even laid and years before the possession is given. The photos attract you further as high definition images are used to lure the buyer. Three dimensional (3D) models are common and physical models are digitally converted on the internet to give the same feel or even a better feel of how a place would look like.
Property portals like 99,,,,,, have all found their share of the market. Developers like Vatika have made beautiful digital videos of their properties like Vatika India Next to ensure the consumers stick on. Be it a plot, floor or flat, the digital version woos its viewer.
With the advent of Magic Bricks, Makaan, India property, Housing, Common Floor, and Favista, one has also witnessed an age of information and knowledge sharing. Price trends of a locality over the years gives the investor a fair view of what happened in the past a least if not the future. The knowledge sharing means more and more people are looking online to get the information rather than speak to peers, neighbours and local agents. The belief in internet is still strong and in the age of disbelief, the internet still rules the roost. One can also go beyond his city to looking for luring deals as one finds a cit particularly growing faster. Investors have jumped the band wagon on this aspect.
The adverts do not always look like adverts and a Public Relations exercise will often mean that the information is passed on to the reader in a more non commercial way. The newspapers also often indulge in public relation exercises but nothing beats the net. Be it social media, blogs, adverts or articles in sites, the information is there to see and a good search engine optimizer will often get you viewed.
Nothing though replaces a good property dealer. What is often advertised more is often one that requires more selling. A good real estate broker will tell you what to expect, what has gone wrong, and what can go wrong, and compare the projects in a more humane way compared to an internet site that sells it subtly without you knowing it.

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