Spam mails and DND calls are the other side of Property portals reach

A property website is a window of information and resources to the onlooker and interested buyer. A good dealer is always worth lacs if not more depending on your investment. What one looks at when choosing a property often defines how he thinks, and the approach he takes for his investment?
One could be looking at a plot, floor, or apartment and then decide to either go to a property website like Investor Clinic, Prop Tiger, Propertywala, Gurgaon Properties or Godrej properties to see what the value of a place is, what are the good deals on offer and what his take should be when buying the property. There is a source of information and offers, although many are still subtle advertisements garbed by an article, blog or information panel.
There is a huge competition within property sites to be best realty site, or to have the best offers real estate has to offer in Gurgaon and India in general. The advent of these realty sites has opened doors to a new market. Even the small brokers are now on the net. A presence does not hurt if it does not give you the benefits. In the real estate industry, a deal could pay for all your marketing budgets of a few weeks if you are a small real estate broker or property dealer as fondly called. The presence is good as this has opened the doors of choice to a consumer who can’t be fooled so easily into buying a place as he has various sources of information by his side.
Reputed brands like Times Of India and Godrej have jumped in to cash on this trend and the unsuspecting buyer is lured by the wonderful commercials on TV that take him to the site and then the stickiness aspects of the site will always hold you on. Today in this day and age, the features to attract and keep a customer are many, and the net has brought in a new trend although the basic rules are still the same in any real estate deal. Things are not necessarily bought on the internet, but saves time and money for visiting a site, if you could find something about it sooner rather than later.
The rise of property portals has also brought in misery as one is often subjected to bulk mail marketing campaigns, SMS campaigns and one unsuspecting sign up leads to a barrage of information even when one does not want it. The flow of information is constant and cheap, so the portals do not stop. The unsubscribe mail does not always mean what it says and the telecom authority TRAI has not shown to be too serious with ways to stop these marketing calls and SMS campaigns as the DND or the Do Not Disturb system is often bypassed using internet or international numbers which TRAI has no control over.
Each feature or development has two sides to the story and the game of ratio of leads conversion is too tempting to let go off for most marketing firms, now on your net and telephone.

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