Is it a good time to invest in properties within Gurgaon?

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Well, lets leave the formalities and come to the point. Investment in property has always lured the average Indian. Afterall, property has rarely let people down. However, a series of bad experiences in the last 8 to 10 years of so since many small developers came to the fore and the smaller ones became bigger, the choice of property became too diverse and not everything appreciates in value as the other. Some are valued better depending mostly on location, construction quality and if it is a commercial property then the number of brands and footfall present in the complex.

Is it pure luck? Is it vision? Do we call it vision if we are lucky? Well, in many cases it has been dumb luck if the property appreciated multiple times in as many number of years, but in most cases it is careful judgement, looking at developer profiles, government plans and master plans, and the surrounding areas along with accessibility that helps decide the advantage
in acquiring one property over the other.

Often, many people decide on a property based on others’ opinion and not a careful study. Well look at it this way, if the other person made some money somewhere or if you decided he was a god investor, remember the circumstances are unique each time, and you are best off taking advice of a good property dealer. An experienced real estate consultant will explain things differently. He will give the past and present of a property and appreciation in different areas. Yes, he is there to make money as well, and a commision is fairly due for all his expertise but look at the bigger picture. Are you making money based on his advice? If yes, giving a dime to make a dollar or even a few Lakhs (in case of bigger properties) and making Crores is always a good deal.

A lot of times, we as a society hold on to our money deare than others, but money makes money and saving some to lose a lot in not fair sense. Be professional, go out there, ask the advisers, and consultants, explore the area a bit , read some reviews and moreover look at the developer’s previous properties to make a fair judgement. Often, a developer who markets and advertises a lot, will pass on the expenses to you. Dont judge it by name itself.

Gurgaon will grow in chunks and it is important to gauge what is growing at what pace. At this time, Golf Course road is very promising looking at the development of Metro and its infrastructure. Among mid ranged to high ranged properties, Golf Course Extension road has a lot to offer. Southern Peripheral Road looks like the next big thing. Dwarka Expressway, to me, looks 4-5 years away but will definitely seat a city in itself.

Whether you are looking at 2 BHK or # BHK or a 4 BHK apartment or a luxury villa or a floor in Gurgaon, it is imperative to study, look around, and make a fair judgement. The cheapests or the most expensive may always not be the best. Whether this article left you searching for more answers than giving you a fair view of reviewing areas or properties in Gurgaon, is left for you to answer. After all, open eyes do see everything. Don’t shut them because you can hear a so called good advice.

If i was able to motivate you to look around more, I achieved what I set out for. It is a goo time to invest, but don’t just invest, thinkvest (think and invest).

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