New Projects in Dwarka Expressway in Gurgaon

The Dwarka Expressway Surpasses the 7 year Hindrance

The Dwarka Expressway project has recently passed a big obstacle this Wednesday after a seven-year land impasse in the New Palam Vihar got resolved and the Punjab and Haryana high court quitted the stay on the construction of a 2.5km extension of the road in that vicinity. This relieving declaration came after 350 families in the New Palam Vihar, whose plots were about to be acquired for this project, agreed to the reimbursement proffered by the HUDA under the government’s rehabilitation and resettlement policy. As per the terms and conditions of the settlement, home and plot-owners would be entitled to optional plots in 37C sector or 110A sector.

The local councilor Rishiraj Rana said for those who have constructed houses on their plots, an optional plot will be provided to them of equal size to the floor covered area of the home. For the remaining part of the plot, good reimbursement will be provided @ of Rs 3.44 crore per acre. Rana said that the oustees will also be reimbursed for the super built-up vicinity of the houses but the figure was not really clear. The figures possibly will not be verified with the HUDA.

The senior counsel for all the petitioners, Shailendra Jain said, “The settlement is very favorable to land owners as they get larger-sized plots and an opportunity to pay for the extra land in eight years over eight interest-free installments. It also gives compensation to those who have houses there.”

Additional town and country planning chief secretary P Raghavendra Rao said, “HUDA will now undertake a re-demarcation of sectors to incorporate the oustees. The demarcation process will be carried out over the next two to three months after which plots of equivalent ground covered area will be allotted to the oustees free of any monetary obligation. However, if the plot size that is being allotted to the oustees is larger than the acquired plot’s ground covered area, the oustees will have bear the cost of the remaining portion as per the floating rate (the rate at which plots are floated for sale by HUDA).”

The sectors where HUDA is offering alternative plots are not developed. “Once the plots are allotted, the oustees has to shift to the new plot within six months, by which time HUDA would have also completed laying of internal infrastructure services like water supply pipes, drains, sewers, etc,” P Raghavendra Rao said.

This Dwarka Expressway high court order has come as a huge relief to the home buyers and to all those who had invested on the Dwarka expressway projects. The projects have got all clearances, purchasers have paid EDC (External Development Charge) that is in crore of rupees. So, it is certainly a big relief for the Dwarka Expressway projects investors. Builders have also requested the state government to perk up the infrastructure in the Dwarka Expressway.

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