About Us

Capital Tree is the premier real estate consultant in Gurgaon with over 12 years of experience within the industry. We work closely with developers, property consultants and individuals alike and our relationships with various stake holders helps us maintain a large database of real estate solutions and are thus able to offer unmatched deals in residential as well as commercial properties. Looking to buy, rent or sell- either ways you are the right place!

Call us on +91 999 01 88 777 or + 124 400 1037 to reach out to us.

Capital Tree has helped thousands of individuals realize their dream of buying and selling their dream property within Gurgaon and our clients vouch for our transparent dealings. Our ethics and values including Service Excellence, transparence, honesty, commitment and accountability are our way of giving back to the community. Click here to view some testimonials.

Our values

At Capital Tree, we recognize that values make an organization. We have identified core values that hold the very basis of our existence and relationships with our clients, business partners and other stake holders. We as an organization stand for:

Service Excellence

We hold our stake holders including our clients in high esteem.


We are committed to great products, deals, services, initiatives and advise.


We act with honesty and transparency.


We take responsibility for our actions and decisions.


We believe in giving back to the society and demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility.


Why us?

Our clients define us

–          We know our business flourishes because of our clients and can die if not for them.

We know Gurgaon well enough!

Judging the right investments can be hard sometimes when you are short of information. We at Capital Tree have seen the city grow, know the in and out of the city and have the right information that will help you make the intelligent choice.

We are an open book

–          We are eager to teach and share our knowledge and all our transactions are transparent. We do not work under the table nor do we encourage it.

We evolve fast

–          We do take calculated risks and confront failure openly! We recognize and repeat success aggressively. We actively seek and provide constructive criticism to our stake holders. We are never defensive because we are not weak.

Our team

We are a team of dedicated professionals who care for the right investments for our clients. We are defined by:

An honest approach

Work towards best interests of our clients

Knowledge of the area we work in

Faith of your stake holders

12 years of experience as a corporate entity

16 years of joint team experience in real estate in Gurgaon

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