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Real estate- Is it profitable?

My blog visitors may or may not be familiar with the word property. Let me initially present what a property company suggests. In really simple words I could possibly clarify it as a home which consists of the land and also the structures on it. The business of marketing and acquiring the lands or leasing land also comes under the property company.

The familiar terms related to this company are buyers, broker, vendors, builders as well as programmers and so on. These are the people that make earnings in this business.

You might reflect that just how a home builder could make money from your financial investment in property. Yes, building contractors do make benefit from the financial investment done by financiers! There are various methods which a builder can make benefit from the investment. A contractor will certainly sometimes ask you to pay the fees of transfer of building. Many say that charging for transfer of apartment is unfair as well as unlawful given that the contractor has actually currently communicated the property to the purchaser as well as has no civil liberties over the property. The builder will certainly charge the customer with lots of various other expenses if the later acquires a land as well as desires to have buildings on it.

You should team up with a contractor for developing your real estate by keeping a number of points in mind which will definitely aid in reducing the contractor’s revenue as well as in stopping your expenses. Likewise you need to consider that often intruding is finished with customer’s rights. This can be done by several people, when a person purchases a land.

Consequently, if you are planning to invest in Real Estate Company you need to care for small things that play a very big function in incurring you revenue or loss. You ought to have thorough knowledge of every facet of this company. It will certainly be a high-risk financial investment for you if you lack in recognizing the numerous aspects since this company is funding extensive and also it is very cash flow dependent. A complete inspection of the commercial property where you want to spend is needed. Sometimes, incorrect option could lead to massive loss to the capitalist. Your ignorance may cause advancement of your rights. Most programmers in Delhi-NCR and various other states are charging transfer costs from purchasers which intend to dispose of their flats in team housing projects. Nonetheless, these charges differ from task to project, building contractor to builder, even relying on the supply pending with the programmer. Most of the times, particularly, when it pertains to upcoming building contractors, the initial transfer fee is cost-free. This is primarily since these contractors want to draw in as lots of investors as possible at the beginning.

It has actually likewise been discovered that in case of brand-new as well as approaching locations, there is a huge stock pile-up and a demand-supply mismatch as the devices in the secondary market are generally offered at rates lower than the main market as well as the rate at which the building contractor might have launched the second or the third phase. This is when a programmer steps in and also quits customers from transferring their residential property for a certain duration.

You may additionally find it challenging in spending as a result of the constant intruding of different people with no rights as well as authorization. The builder could likewise intrude in your investment. Boundaries need to be marked around the land making use of trees, fencings and so on. Encroachment can be dealt with by offering or offering the encroachment event an easement or lease for the life time of the building.

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Gurgaon property may be in slowdown, but the city leads the way in office leasing

A recession is encountered by the property markets throughout our country in these very current times. The situation is no less great in Gurgaon, where the properties and also realty markets have actually seen a similar reduction in appreciation. It is estimated that the approximate figure by which this decrease happened when compared with the last yearis around the 30 %  figure which is quite radical. This has actually distressed all the builders and also genuine market investors on Gurgaon, as well as they have actually started to release their holdings to others with price cuts. This slowdown is thought to be created due to inflationary pressures, weak economic climate as well as absence of increments.

The lag is considerable due to the fact that a large number of projects are released in the current times and stock levels that are steeping high. Unsold inventory with many reputed developer is building up. With buying and selling in the marketplace that entails investment with high risk of loss, costs have actually soared to very high levels triggering the slump. Now, the genuine question psychologically of every person within Gurgaon is how much this downturn will proceed further?

Numerous specialists forecast that high-end real estate is the evidence for this present slowdown. It is anticipated that in a position like Gurgaon, high-end luxury is obtaining even more focus and also hence several real estate players are starting to introduce high-end projects. But this has actually made the absence of apartments that could be got at a budget friendly price array. This high margin business which gives high motivations to designers is raising because of demands of high end luxurious tasks. The weird reality is that the supply of such elegant tasks is quite less than the need of such jobs from consumers. This brings in even more designers to opt for such projects, leading to the downturn circumstance. The glamorous attire that people anticipate at Gurgaon is because of the altering way of livings as well as apartment needs of India.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of reasons to invest in Gurgaon. A sneek view puts Gurgaon among 23% of all commercial office leases in the last quarter to have come to Gurgaon. The confidence in the city is sky high and the entrepeaneur buzz with the start up climate is more than enough for Gurgaon to stay in the news and adopt Gurgaon.

The writer, Vineet writes for Capital Tree, and follows real estate trends closely to help share information with the ones who are keen in knowing what’s going on.

How M3M Tee Point can be beneficial for your Business?

M3M Tee Point, the commercial project initiated by London-based architecture and design studio UHA.  This project offers a finely carved mix of retail & office spaces, strategically located at the Golf Course Extension road, which is one of the most well-planned areas and is going to earn huge profits in a couple of years.

This project has been perfectly designed especially for the young and the go-getter entrepreneurs who have zeal to cultivate success. It offers centrally air-conditioned office space with climate control, sufficient parking slots and surface parking for visitors and world class landscaping by international consultants.

Key Highlights of M3M Tee Point:

  • Location: Sector-65, Gurgaon
  • Property Type: Commercial
  • Builder: M3M
  • Size: 300 Sq. Ft. to 2800 Sq. Ft.
  • Investment Starts: Rs. 32 Lacs

Why to Invest?

  • This project has been purposefully located at a prime location and at the junction of 60 mtr wide sector road and 24 meter wide major arterial road at Sector 65-66.
  • It is surrounded by the city’s most affluent developments such as Golf Estate, Polo Suites, Emerald Hills, Marbella, Victory Valley and Merlin.
  • It possesses an excellent architectural layout developed by India’s premium real estate developers.
  • It has excellent connectivity through multiple interstate highways.
  • It’s elegant and finely carved office spaces are an ideal destination for young and ambitious entrepreneurs.
  • It is situated at one of the most well planned locations connecting two prominent roads, which are Sohna Road and Golf Course Road.
  • It is a perfect blend of retail and office spaces ideally catering to every segment.
  • This project’s prime location, captive markets, affluent neighborhoods make it a one stop solution for investors.


M3M Tee Point’s fabulous mix of office, retail and serviced apartments are surely going to give handsome returns to its investors. So, if you are planning to fetch a new commercial deal then this project is a smart choice.


Why Land Acquisition is Essential for NCR’s Housing for All Scheme

With the new government having announced the Housing for All Scheme, all eyes are trained on acquiring land to meet the demand for property. NCR, being a fast-growing region economically, has a high influx of people, making it essential that economic housing is provided.

Land acquisition is key if the government wishes to see its Housing for All scheme through. Lack of sufficient supply was the biggest drawback of all previous housing schemes that the government needs to rectify this time around. Massive plans are on to have 2 crore houses ready by 2022. While this is a challenging task, mobilization of resources has already begun.

Target Areas to Acquire Land for Housing

Unlocking land is important if this scheme is to work. Land in both, rural and urban areas is necessary for this housing project. As urban areas will cost more for land acquisition, the government needs to provide sufficient funds for the same. Each state and local body needs to allow and pass sanctions and approvals, so land is available for construction.

Introducing credit-linked subsidy has been discussed, while providing subsidy for individual construction via a beneficiary was also considered. Venkaiah Naidu, the Minister of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation has stated that a whooping INR 3 lakh crore would be required to meet the shortage of land for affordable housing.

NCR Emerging as Economically Viable

NCR is on a growth spurt and real estate prices are also rising. This makes the need for affordable housing even more imperative. Gurgaon and Jhajjar are forerunners as economical hubs. According to, a property in Sector 56 of Gurgaon experiences an estimated sale price appreciation of 6.7 percent.Jhajjar is also being touted as the next big logistics hub. With this rate of development, increase in job opportunities and migration of people, housing will have to be catered to.

The government is also taking up the challenge of identifying uncontrolled zones and using it for infrastructure development. Clearances will also have to be streamlined for new housing construction projects to begin. Land acquisition will not only help create housing in urban areas but will also target rural areas and serve to raise their economic standard.

What Separates this New Initiative from the Rest?

Compared to such initiatives in the past, the government plans to allow each state to pass their own land acquisition bills, making it easier for them to identify key strengths and weaknesses, and create a bill accordingly. This plan will quicken the process of constructing affordable homes for lower income groups and the urban poor.

The major factors that they will be looking into include redevelopment of slums and partnering with public and private sector organizations. When it comes to redeveloping or relocating slums, acquiring land is essential. Plans are also being implemented to have lenient norms for FDI that will bring foreign capital into the country. The government also seeks to assist local bodies to release municipal bonds that will provide financial assistance to low-income groups.

Another important change is that the amount that an individual can get as a home loan has been raised. This will give people more spending power, again, leading to requirement of land for residential projects.

Property development cannot be furthered if the growing demand for land is not met. With each state now drafting its own acquisition bills, the future looks bright for this housing scheme. With areas like Gurgaon, Bawal, and Dharuhera fast gaining traction, land acquisition is bound to speed up in NCR to meet the increasing demand. With several detractors already questioning if this scheme is viable or not, quicker measures need to be taken in order to achieve this goal.


Significant Reasons To Buy Rented Commercial Properties in Gurgaon

Today, buying rented commercial properties in Gurgaon is considered to be a great investment option though the journey for this industry wasn’t that easy but it took very quite a long time to perk up sentiments in the commercial and residential real estate industry of Gurgaon. Continue reading Significant Reasons To Buy Rented Commercial Properties in Gurgaon