Developers offer plenty for apartments and villas in Gurgaon!


There are a number of developments in old and new Gurgaon that catch our eye and attention. Some are in a new launch state, while others are progressing in construction and there are many that have been completed, cleared, occupied and are ready to move in once invested into. This variety of opportunity is unprecedented but worthy of a town growing so fact. The number of road works, presence of cranes, flow of labour around town especially on the outskirts or the new Gurgaon as we call it, is a stamp of confirmation that Gurgaon is growing into a big city with multiple opportunities for investors and end users alike. One can invest in a range of projects including floors, apartments, villas, town houses, bungalows and more. Many builders have made their presence felt with exciting projects in Gurgaon. The prime ones that catch attention are M3M, Emaar, BPTP, Sobha, Unitech, Vipul and Anantraj. Be it Sohna Road, MG Road, Golf Course Extension Road, Dwarka Expressway or be it the interiors of Gurgaon, these developers have a number of good projects that you can consider. Locations choices are many and the products on offer do fit a range of budgets. From regular apartments with the basic convenience and security of a modern society to high end apartments that offer a wide range of luxury services, the apartments and villas are custom made for a range of space, expectation and affordability. M3M projects include Golf Estate, Merlin, Escala, and M3M Woodshire. Emaar developments include Palm Spring, Emaar Marbella, Emarald Estate, Emarald floors, Palm Terraces, Palm Drive, Palm Hills, Palm Garden, Gurgaon Greens, Imperial Garden and Palm Sky Terraces. Unitech has many projects in Gurgaon that include Nirvana Country 1 including The close North, The Close South, Deerwood Chase, Aspen Greens, Fresco, Harmony Homes, E Scape and E Space, Woodstock floors and Nirvana 2 including Alder Grove, and E space villas. Sobha has made a debut with International City which have villas and town houses of various configurations aiming to house the whos who of the society. BPTP has many commercial and residential projects in Gurgaon including Freedom Park, BPTP Mansions, Park Prime, Visionnaire Villas, BPTP Terra and BPTP Astare Garden. Anantraj offers villas and plots in Sector 63A. Vipul is making its presence felt with Belmonte, Vipul Greens, Vipul World, Tattvam Villas and Lavanya. These developers have made their presence felt in Gurgaon which gives them an edge over perceptions and high on peoples’ minds. They focus on marketing their products well and a positive showcasing does help build investor belief. Success of som of the delivered projects and developments only adds to this belief. Overall, these prime developers have contributed a lot to this city and continue to do so with unparalleled services and a number of projects on offer. Be it high end or budgeted needs, they have covered it all for a wide section of the buyers. If you are looking to invest, research and then go ahead or consult an experienced consultant.
The author is from Capital Tree – the leading and premier property dealers in Gurgaon. We have seen Gurgaon grow with its lows and highs. Our relationships with individual investors and developers gives Capital Tree a clear edge that we pass on to you as our client. The friendly advisers stay with you at every step of the transaction and aide in your decisions to invest or sell. Call your experienced advisors to know how a range of real estate choices can benefit you. Contact us now at 0124.4001037 or reach us at

Rent, buy or invest in 2 or 3 BHK in Nirvana Country, Unitech

Buying, renting or investing into a 2 or 3 BHK or even 1 BHK is a lifetime decision for many who will only buy a house once and for all. The decision is taken no longer on hear say but by a research based on a variety of mediums including the media and the internet. No longer do people just go with their peers. The ego and the will to beat their peers comes in as well with many opting to go for better, as long as something financially viable comes up.
To choose Unitech or Vatika may depend on public opinion in general as well, while a choice of location whether be it Golf Course Road, Sohna Road, MG Road, or Golf Course Extension Road depends on how well the city seems to be shaping up. The vision of Gurgaon needs to be envisioned and that sometimes may or may not happen, while obvious parts like Metro Construction do come in handy for the person looking out. A good society is worth all the investment as it adds to your lifestyle. All said, an apartment will often be valued with the builder reputation, location, amenities, and the surroundings.
Sohna road is only starting to move in terms of residential areas as most areas around are commercial. MG Road though being commercial on the face has many residential complexes that line up behind its commercial complexes and accounts for the elite properties available in Gurgaon in terms of residences. Golf Course Road is one of the premier areas be it commercial or residential properties. It is popular, has malls and commercial complexes, has a new Metro being constructed and looks like a bright future in overall context.
Why one needs to look at Dwarka Expressway is another story by itself and a long run investment could be worth the wait, although not for the not so patient, this area is slowly but surely moving. The roads look better, and the villages are making way for developments; the whole area now looks like a new town being built. A new Gurgaon within Gurgaon, it promises residential and commercial spaces besides public utilities and fun parks.
The residential properties are many and with options of floors and villas, the flat buyer is surely looking for options available. The huge variety of options available in various townships is mind boggling. Nirvana Country for example has floor, villas and apartments and Unitech as its developer gave more than one choice to its buyer in the township. With a varied budget range, you could still live among a vast majority of population with different lifestyles and economic strata.
A rental is not too bad either in terms of choice. A floor community is not too bad when compared to apartment community although the same cannot be said in general terms. There are options of unfurnished, or semi furnished apartments is plenty and the renters are spoilt for choices. Whether you choose Unitech Nirvana Country or any other society, the choices in a buyers’ market are always better than when it is a really good time for the industry and the sellers can demand stuff. Today, it is not so, and the buyer is at an advantage.

The author Vineet is from Capital Tree, the premier real estate agents who have seen the city grow and its trends. Visit us

Spam mails and DND calls are the other side of Property portals reach

A property website is a window of information and resources to the onlooker and interested buyer. A good dealer is always worth lacs if not more depending on your investment. What one looks at when choosing a property often defines how he thinks, and the approach he takes for his investment?
One could be looking at a plot, floor, or apartment and then decide to either go to a property website like Investor Clinic, Prop Tiger, Propertywala, Gurgaon Properties or Godrej properties to see what the value of a place is, what are the good deals on offer and what his take should be when buying the property. There is a source of information and offers, although many are still subtle advertisements garbed by an article, blog or information panel.
There is a huge competition within property sites to be best realty site, or to have the best offers real estate has to offer in Gurgaon and India in general. The advent of these realty sites has opened doors to a new market. Even the small brokers are now on the net. A presence does not hurt if it does not give you the benefits. In the real estate industry, a deal could pay for all your marketing budgets of a few weeks if you are a small real estate broker or property dealer as fondly called. The presence is good as this has opened the doors of choice to a consumer who can’t be fooled so easily into buying a place as he has various sources of information by his side.
Reputed brands like Times Of India and Godrej have jumped in to cash on this trend and the unsuspecting buyer is lured by the wonderful commercials on TV that take him to the site and then the stickiness aspects of the site will always hold you on. Today in this day and age, the features to attract and keep a customer are many, and the net has brought in a new trend although the basic rules are still the same in any real estate deal. Things are not necessarily bought on the internet, but saves time and money for visiting a site, if you could find something about it sooner rather than later.
The rise of property portals has also brought in misery as one is often subjected to bulk mail marketing campaigns, SMS campaigns and one unsuspecting sign up leads to a barrage of information even when one does not want it. The flow of information is constant and cheap, so the portals do not stop. The unsubscribe mail does not always mean what it says and the telecom authority TRAI has not shown to be too serious with ways to stop these marketing calls and SMS campaigns as the DND or the Do Not Disturb system is often bypassed using internet or international numbers which TRAI has no control over.
Each feature or development has two sides to the story and the game of ratio of leads conversion is too tempting to let go off for most marketing firms, now on your net and telephone.

the author Vineet writes for Capital Tree, your trusted real estate agent in Gurgaon. Reach us at

What is Housing Sentiment Index and what it means showing a rise in Quarter 3, 2013?


For those who are new to this term, Housing Sentiment Index (HSI) is jointly developed by Magicbricks and IIM Bangalore. The index is based on a survey conducted online. The respondents are prospective home buyers. The HSI questionnaire captures buyer sentiment on house prices in terms of their own assessment and thinking, the degree to which they think the house prices will move including the micro market level preferences within each city. It contains basic demographic information which includes financing methods and type of property preferred. In short, the HIS captures buyer sentiment and serves as a lead indicator for the residential housing sector. HSI is calculated by taking a difference of positive and negative sentiments and careful adjustments of neutral responses and other biases which creep into any surveys. The value of HSI can range from 0 to 200. But what do the scores actually mean? A score of 100 indicates neutrality, which in reality means the people do not expect house prices to rise or fall. A score of 200 on the other hand would mean that all respondents expect the prices of buying a house to go up, while a score of 0 would mean that all respondents expect house prices to go down.

In such a market, where a normal home buyer would go in to his consultant and ask him this golden question- Will the house prices increase in the coming days or go down, the HSI comes as a valid substantiated sentiment of the market in question. The answers do not have to be correct always, but the answer can always be based on the sentiment the people have in the current scenario, thus making it worthwhile for the buyer, be it an end user or an investor. The markets may not generally follow the trend and may prove wrong, but it is something to go with rather than have nothing at hand to ponder with when taking a major decision of our lives, which are our real estate investments.

32% of the respondents for Q3 were those who already own a house who are looking at owning another property with roughly half wanting to buy it as investment and other half buying it for residential purposes. 53% are presently in a rented accommodation, while 15% live with parents or relatives. 50% of buyers would like to go for financing by a bank while 18% would prefer to sell current assets.

An overall increase in HSI means that the buyer sentiment is rising. An aggregate score of 117 was achieved as HSI for 8 cities surveyed. The last quarter had an HSI of only 93 and thus 117 is very positive for the market. The seller HSI was 156, which was way higher than that of the buyer sentiment. With Noida HSI increasing by 33%, it confirms the market as one with a lower investment range. Gurgaon HSI rose by 22%. Hyderabad was close with 21%.

What lies in the future will soon unfold but the sentiments of buyers increasing is definitely a positive sign of things to come. Real estate can’t be subdued for long, and HSI rise proves it.

The author Vineet writes for Capital Tree, the premier real estate consultant in Gurgaon. reach us at

Luxury, high end apartments and villas are here. Simplicity is a thing of the past.

Gurgaon has risen from dirt and dust. If I say this, many won’t believe me, but the truth is not far, as Gurgaon has risen from a sleepy little village cluster to a metropolitan with malls that are envy of the bigger cities like Delhi, or Mumbai. The city has only grown in the last decade. What one saw as a little area coming up because of some call centres and corporate moving in, now has encashed on it’s location by being home to over 700,000 residents, all in a space of around 10 years.
As the city moved ahead, came a time when property market grew and exploded. The investors made good money as customers made a beeline to buy and own a piece of Gurgaon. The societies grew in area and population. The townships grew. The types of properties grew. And then came along ultra luxury and semi luxury high end property within villas, floors, flats and townhouses in Gurgaon. The premier product meant high quality but also a premium cost. The hi end towers as many call it fondly were to cater to the ultra wealthy and the super rich or the just-became-rich-and-want-to-be-spoilt customers.
The luxury flats ad villas offer concierge services, premier clubs, on call doctors and emergency services, private elevators, roof top jogging tracks, huge spaces within and more for someone who knows to spend his money well. The extra cost can change a lifestyle. The extra cost can bring you in contact with a different set of neighbours, and the who’s who of the society.
The luxury is not too far off reach and many want to join in as they do not want to be left behind by their peers. A good life for their loved ones is what we all look at, and if India provides the luxury that was once only possible outside India or in a “foreign country”, well there are takers for the ever growing rich middle class. The location could be the key as many areas are earmarked for such societies in Gurgaon and you do not have to actually mingle with the so called not so rich just-entered-middle class.
Locations like Gwal Pahari along Gurgaon Faridabad Road and the more inwards Golf Course Extension Road attracts many a residents with the luxury offers. The unique selling propositions of many elite projects nowadays is designer rooms which can even include gold plating some of the interiors within your flat. So what if this puts you behind by a few lacs or crores, as they say in Punjabi, “Shok ki keemat nahin hoti”, translated as, “Hobbies, and fondness are invaluable, you cant put a value to it”.
Enter the ultra rich and super rich or the rich professional in amulti national raking in almost a crore or more a year in salary and benefits, the flats and villas in such societies put you apart from a majority of the population and hence are infectious. They make you stand out and high and above everyone else. Think, before you buy, but, as this may have the thorn in the flesh you don’t want. Consult a good real estate agent to give you an insight.

The writer Vineet is with Capital Tree, the premier realty agent in Gurgaon.  For customised solutions for your needs, reach us at

What makes you money in real estate investments? Luck, trends, following crowd or analysis?

Real estate makes money, for many. It always has, will do, and will seldom fail. Unless of course, you are just throwing money around. Chances are, you will stall make money, but will have to wait longer. What constitutes a good profit? What is a good return anyways? Who profits? Who profits the most, rather? An analysis of the past will reveal everyone who was there with a long term plan always made a good profit. How can you do better? Chances are, you believe in luck, trends, or Vastu, or an advise from someone who is respected by you in other areas of expertise.

Luck? Can you depend on it. I was reading a book yesterday and it told me categorically luck is perceivable even it opportunities, network, your goodness, intuition or many more factors just combined to make it for you. Is it luck? Not really, except in rare cases where you find dumbfounded luck.

Follow a crowd? Well, crowd following is good many a times, but this is your hard earned money. Nobody will share your losses or the fast you lost out on an opportunity. Chances are many people feel relieved that a lot more people are involved. That sense of security vanishes if the profits don’t come in as perceived.

Trend? Well, there is a trend. But are you looking for it blindly? Are you on it? Are you missing it? Could you have made more money by getting in or out faster?

Timing is everything ion investments. Time to get in and time to get out! Time to invest and disinvest. A few days here and there sometimes can mean a big difference. A desperate deal often gets you a shower of quick burst money. A good price in an otherwise unknown area gets you a mouth watering deal. How do you manage a deal like this. Chances are that a needle in haystack is often with the person who holds the magnet. The magnet here is the real estate agent. Developers depend on agent and their marketing to sell. Often as a reward, it is the agent who gets a good shot at a desperate deal even from a client who would not have the expertise in finding a buyer in a short span of time.

So then, timing is not everything? It is. Whatever I say in terms of investment is all dependent on timing. Your broker or dealer simply helps you identify it. You are good in your field of expertise, in your job, and work. so is the broker. The dealer or broker is not a person looked upon in India, although outside our country, it is a truly different story. But presentable or not, analyse what he offers you. Then take a call. A simple no is enough for him to stop pursuing you, but a yes from you to a good deals opens many a racks of profit.

Luck is sometimes, whether you believed in the fair chance you got. Luck is not just a probability, it is a calculated probability. That way, you make more and are considered more lucky!

A honest real estate specialist is worth millions even if he himself did not have an opportunity to make the millions you will make from him. After all, your money works for you, to get him, his advise and then investment and disinvestment at the right time does the rest.

Property portals add to your knowledge and choice making, but fail to beat the human touch

The consumer in the realty market today is spoilt for the choices. But it is equally a hard decision to make. When trying to buy, rent or even sell, the deciding rate and the approach was often based on hear say in the conventional years gone by. The day and age has changed today and the consumer is well informed.
The yester years saw property sold via newspaper adverts, and through brokers. With the advent of media and the internet, the marketing has changed it’s face. More and more properties are finding their presence online and even the resale market of ready to move in properties which once was only bought through brokers is finding itself marketed on the net.
No one can replace the magic of newspapers but what has changed is the digital aspect. One can experience a 360 degree view via a digital creation of a property months before the foundation is even laid and years before the possession is given. The photos attract you further as high definition images are used to lure the buyer. Three dimensional (3D) models are common and physical models are digitally converted on the internet to give the same feel or even a better feel of how a place would look like.
Property portals like 99,,,,,, have all found their share of the market. Developers like Vatika have made beautiful digital videos of their properties like Vatika India Next to ensure the consumers stick on. Be it a plot, floor or flat, the digital version woos its viewer.
With the advent of Magic Bricks, Makaan, India property, Housing, Common Floor, and Favista, one has also witnessed an age of information and knowledge sharing. Price trends of a locality over the years gives the investor a fair view of what happened in the past a least if not the future. The knowledge sharing means more and more people are looking online to get the information rather than speak to peers, neighbours and local agents. The belief in internet is still strong and in the age of disbelief, the internet still rules the roost. One can also go beyond his city to looking for luring deals as one finds a cit particularly growing faster. Investors have jumped the band wagon on this aspect.
The adverts do not always look like adverts and a Public Relations exercise will often mean that the information is passed on to the reader in a more non commercial way. The newspapers also often indulge in public relation exercises but nothing beats the net. Be it social media, blogs, adverts or articles in sites, the information is there to see and a good search engine optimizer will often get you viewed.
Nothing though replaces a good property dealer. What is often advertised more is often one that requires more selling. A good real estate broker will tell you what to expect, what has gone wrong, and what can go wrong, and compare the projects in a more humane way compared to an internet site that sells it subtly without you knowing it.

Dwarka ExpressWay

With Dwarka expressway moving in the right direction and construction of the road catching up fast, it is a matter of time, when thousands of families will move to the projects being built alongside the road. also known as Northern Peripheral Road, Dwarka ExpressWay is the next big thing of Gurgaon.

2 bhk,3 bhk bedroom flats in gurgaon

2 bhk 3 bhk
If you are looking to buy a house, there are many things that cross your mind. A decision to buy a 2 or 3 or 1 BHK depending on your budget and needs may decide your lifestyle and value for investment in the years to come.

Many developers are now focusing on 3 BHK in Gurgaon and 2 BHK kind of minimized as need for them lowered with people looking for more space and the good economics of the city we live in- Gurgaon. Young professional flocked to these developments, invested in them and based many loans on aspirations of growing careers and a good investment. Loan capability for everyone increases by the year and that crossed many a minds.

A good society or a live alone unit, is the golden question that haunts many. A good society is in fashion and many young professionals are going for that option. The chance to live and celebrate within the society is something we all forgot over time as joint families turned to nuclear ones. More and more people had less and less time to indulge in lifestyles we all grew up with. The era of societies has brought that time back. Young and old enjoy within their society compounds. Security, power and water back-ups, good maintenances have lured many to the enclosed societies and yes, the old times are back with a bang.

Nirvana Country is a prime example of this to happen. The Close North, a premier society within Nirvana Country was rated one among 10 best in Gurgaon based on lifestyle, maintenance and security by an independent agency survey in 2013. The fact that little toddlers can play in the park in a secure environment, as many teenagers roller skate around and adults socialize alongside with their physical activities like Yoga and walks, has led many to think hard of being part of such a society. Sushant Lok is another secure society that has a great environment within. DLF societies are also way ahead in their community programs and being the first ones to bring a community culture like environment, DLF has led the way many times.

Even if you are not going to buy, but are looking to invest, it still remain a good option as it is easier to rent out. Renting within such compounds gives families the extra social touch even if one partner is busier than the other. Many owners offer the option of semi furnished units. The options to socialize are many and the extra rent is only an investment that helps people be a part of such a society. You can choose to rent outside societies as well, but you have to deal with inefficient or minimal security and start a life as afresh as any other. A society gives you a base to blend in with readymade facilities like clubs and parks besides amphitheatres and the premier ones go a step ahead with facilities like Golf within the compounds.

Hence, choose wisely, rent or buy, you are investing into a lifestyle. A good decision only helps you enjoy the extra bit.

A host of commercial property options in Gurgaon await you.


Gurgaon has plenty to offer in commercial real estate. Realty is slowing shifting from the ever popular MG Road and Golf Course Road to Sohna Road and even to the Southern Peripheral Road and NH8, and the future hold promise for Dwarka Express Way, sometimes also referred to as Northern Peripheral Road. Commercial property finds strong presence in all these areas and the ready to move in office spaces are plenty. You choose a budget and your strategic presence if required specially in case of retail entities and Gurgaon has it all. From the more economical commercial hubs in Sohna road to better space and presence at Golf Course Road and MG Road, customers are spoilt for choice. There are plenty to choose from even in ready to move in properties, be it bare shell spaces, or semi furnished for those who like to add their personal touch to the area they own and work in. If you are looking to start work right away and wouldn’t want to invest into furnishings, there are various options of fully furnished properties raring to be taken. For those willing to invest and wait, there are choices aplenty. From assured return projects that still grow with time to the plain invest and wait options, investors have it all in Gurgaon’s growing real estate arena. New launches are frequent and more expected after election results upholding faith of many. This year alone has seen many new and established developers offer new projects. Established developers who have delivered quality in the past have come up with upcoming projects that do look promising in architecture, services and location. They have evolved to be better than existing projects as many look to offer unprecedented services. Many other projects are now under construction and the resale market is slowly but steadily picking up in the city. New Gurgaon as we fondly call it witnesses a construction boom. Cranes line up many hundreds of square miles of areas and we are watching a new city grow in front of our eyes. Investors will not be disappointed especially if you are looking to invest medium term or long term. Short term gains like assured returns can be held as dividends for profits to come. Be it new launch or ready to move in, Gurgaon has commercial spaces on offer that you can choose, customize, invest, run, work in, rent out or buy and sell, the choices are plenty. Be it retail space, or office space or even industrial solutions
The article is from Capital Tree – the premier property dealers in Gurgaon. We have been around for over a decade, and have helped hundred of investors and end users in their realty drams. Our bond with individuals and developers alike gives Capital Tree an unsurpassable edge that we pass on to you as our client. The advisers stay with you at every step of your transaction and in your decisions to invest or sell, and we are transparent in our dealings. A range of real estate investment solutions await you. Call your friendly advisers now at 0124 4001037 or find us at to know more about how we can help you.



If you are an investor and looking to grow your money to newer heights each time you invest into something, the opportunity that knocks your door today is the GRAND HYATT RESIDENCES !

Let us show you how.

You initially pay 35% of the payment to start with. So for the 4625 square feet of the Apartment, you pay 5 crore, 25 Lacs, within the initial 4 months.

As time passes, we look at what happens to your investment, four Years down the line. The year is 2018 and the project is now ready for possession.

Not only is the project ready, the Golf Course Extension Road, the metro, the areas around, commercial and residential, are all ready and amongst the best planned areas of the city.

We are very confident, you will love the finished product and the GRAND HYATT RESIDENCES will lure you into an unprecedented level of luxury and service standards, that you will find it hard not to stay there. However, you still decide to sell !

Following international trends of hotel managed properties versus the regular luxury ones, the hotel managed properties are usually double the prices. So the luxurious apartments of Aralias and Magnolias which will be trending around the 40 to 45000 per square feet at the time, according to the most conservative estimates, and considering these are not even hotel managed properties, we are looking at a selling price of 90,000 per square feet for the GRAND HYATT RESIDENCES, which in turn will be managed by one of the world’s best hospitality chains today.

For argument sake, Let’s say this increase does not really happen, and the rate is 80,000 per square feet.

Looking at hard market conditions today, let’s say we don’t achieve that mark too, and the rate is only 70,000 per square feet.

Conservatively speaking, considering that the present buyer sentiment is at a very low level and may continue to be low for the next few months, let’s say, even this does not happen and the rate you get for your investment is only 60,000 per square feet, you still decide to sell at this rate !

You get 27 crore 75 Lacs for the apartment sold, of which you pay the developer Ireo the remaining 9 crore 89 Lacs as the 65 percent payment remaining as per contract.

you are left with 17 crore 86 Lacs and considering that you had already paid 5 crore 25 Lacs earlier, you are left with 12 crore 61 Lacs as your cool profit after you sold.

Now that’s a staggering 240 percent profit made within four years, which, remember, is at our conservatively low evaluation levels.

you could end up making much more than that !

With over 15 years of real estate experience, we at Capital Tree guide you to the best deals in realty. visit for details of how you can grow your investments or buy your dream property.

Value of a good property dealer in Gurgaon

property dealer
Buying, selling or even renting property is a task in itself. Looking at the minutest of details is something that takes time, patience and effort to research. What one finds on paper may not always come true in the same sense in reality and disclaimers are put on property sites for the same matter. A ready to move in property is comparatively easier as you can judge the property and its surroundings in real time, compared to a new launched project or an under construction one.
One often thinks, it is best to avoid real estate consultants or brokers or property dealers as they are often called. Well, the answer is yes and no. It depends on your experience to go solo without support and do all the running around and verifications yourself. Even then, things may skip your mind and a deal is easier said than done. Being a buyer or seller you still might deal with a property dealer at the other end of the table. Being who they are and what they know, they are important elements to successful and profitable deals.
Would you save 1 Percent commission and take a risk and go for a property without sound advice? Is merely going through property portals like Magic Bricks and 99 Acres enough? Are you aware? Are your questions answered? Does subtle information on a site look like an article when it actually is a public relations exercise or advertisement in the garb of article? What would make you go and seek advice? Well, these are questions you need to ponder on before you go solo. Nobody is saying you can’t but a small piece of information from an agent may prove really valuable to you and help you save lacs or help you make the right decision.
A real estate consultant was and is doing this as business for years. He knows and holds valuable information. You might actually end up in profits even after paying him and have a hassle free transaction. Do check the credentials of a broker and his license to operate before you step into a deal. And then be rest assured. Ask questions at every end so you can be assured no one taking you for granted but hire a property dealer.
Gurgaon has thousands of projects. Some are new launches, some under construction and some ready to move in. Choose wisely. Take budget, location, developer, buyer, seller, vision and plan of the government all in consideration before you say yes.
List your property with of you are willing to sell or rent out your property and we will market it for you on various marketing platforms. If you looking to rent or buy a property or even if you are an investor looking to invest short term or long term, tell us your needs, come and have a chat with us and let us offer you unparalleled deals in Gurgaon. The best deals await you. We are Gurgaon’s premier property dealers and have great relations with builders and individuals alike to offer you the best deals there are in Gurgaon.

Gurgaon Beckons you !


Cities are often ranked, in terms of their lifestyles they offer, activities on board, quality of malls, hotels and restaurants, besides the quality of infrastructure, schools, and other educational institutes, and it’s medical facilities.

This city has it all. No wonder, it ranks amongst the highest, in quality of life among Indian cities.

The city, owing to a stable law, and order set-up, coupled with peaceful environments, has managed to attract several multi national companies, foreign investors, non resident Indians, and large business houses. more than half of the Fortune 500 companies have made this city their home. Once called the call centre capital of the world, it is one of the biggest places for I T enabled services in India.

From luxury housing complexes, food parks, and express highways, to Special Economic zones, the city perfectly epitomizes the massive developing nature of India’s economy.

International curriculum schools, have provided unprecedented facilities to its students. World class hospitals are present here, and the city already boasts of its own metro, besides the Delhi metro that is connected well to it.

The city, has its fair share of golf parks, amusement parks, cultural centres, besides the fresh breeze of the bordering Aravali mountain range, that breathes life into the ecosystem. It’s closeness to Delhi and the international airport is an added attraction.

With the best developers, lining up to offer international standards, including the luxury segment and hotel managed properties, this city is following international trends, and designs, and boasts of the who’s who of India. be it villas, apartments, floors, or individual houses, the city spoils you with choice of plenty. Many of the Housing societies are mini cities in themselves, and host world class club facilities, play areas, jogging tracks, amphitheaters, medical and educational facilities and more…

the popular roads like M G road and Golf course road, besides the NH8 already house a large population of residents and corporates. The upcoming Golf Course extension road, which will see infrastructure completing within a couple of years, boasts of the ultra luxury segment, while the upcoming Southern Peripheral road, that connects golf course extension road to NH8, is the next in line, lucrative, and, according to us, some of the hand picked projects here, on the southern peripheral road, will pay the highest returns even in the short term of an year, while the Dwarka expressway, also called the northern peripheral road, had already seen the majority of completion in infrastructure, and will provide good returns in the medium term, of say 3 to 6 years.

The city has been popular with investors in the last decade, and provided massive returns on investment, and property values. conservatively speaking, even if the city doesn’t grow as in the past, and the buyer sentiment remains low, we will still see it providing much better returns, and with it, a quality of lifestyle, that surpasses any other in India.

The city beckons you !

Come, live, party and enjoy and be a part of this magical city.

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The concept of a home and what it should be changes with generations and now with modern architecture and modern amenities, a home is definitely more than four walls and a ceiling. A home is a place to come back to, to experience luxury and relaxation. A home is the way we want to lead our lives in. The concept of just sitting together on a dinner table is fading fast as, as modern families venture into activities together, be it within their home or within the society. A lap of swim, an hour at the gym, a time slot for sauna, a game of pool, tennis or squash, a game of cars in the club next door are some activities the modern couple engages in along with their children. An apartment, in short, now is expected to provide facilities of a hotel. To get this going, came in a concept of what we fondly called serviced apartments. Gurgaon obviously being the cosmopolitan of towns in India rushed to get this in. A serviced apartment offers Valet, Concierge, Housekeeping, even attached restaurants and Bar Be Que areas, along with a fully furnished setting. The family just moves in and lives on. The concept caught on fast and for many young couples, this was the life they were seeking. The concept was readily offered by developers and many a investors cashed in. Although the system is yet to get popular attention, the concept has caught the eyes of the major few. Luxury of an hotel at home and cometh the ego boosters. Gurgaon otherwise has normal apartments and flats that have come up all over the place, and each area of Gurgaon be it Gurgaon Faridabad Road, MG Road, Sohna Road, Golf Course Road, Golf Course Extension Road, or the Dwarka Expressway have all found their areas of achievements. As HUDA planned and mapped Gurgaon 2031, the plans did not surprise many. The demand is known, the supply is forthcoming and investors always find a way to get in. The end users with the commerce of Gurgaon growing were not in dearth either and societies filled up fast. The hot spots kept changing but lucrative offers were always in plenty. Buy, sell, rent or invest – there is a lot to catch up on. There is always a time to buy specially when the chips are down for most and sellers cant find buyers, step in and make the most of it. When the chips are high and the market is going strong, join the bandwagon. When the market is somewhere in between tread slowly but invest for sure. What you make and how much you make will vary, but “will make” for sure. No one loses money in Indian real estate at least that is the thought we have grown up with. Vision and know what’s in the plan, and you are ready to make the most of your buck. Choose a flat or a serviced apartment, but have something to own.
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2 BHK, 3 BHK, 1 BHK, Studio in Gurgaon


To choose what you need when you are taking a decision to buy a house baffles many, in fact everyone at some point in their lives. A house provides more than just shelter. Memories are carved from within these four walls and its surroundings. We look at our wallets and decide. No one is saying that should not be the case. The reason recession hit many badly was the increasing credit lines they depended on. When investing, we also need to calculate the value of money going down, our career graphs increasing and more importantly the space required only increases with a life style that we start to adorn every few years, with growing family and needs. We don’t think of many things when we are planning a new house, as we are so absorbed in our thoughts to arrange the finances and the documentation, besides looking at legalities, the location and many more things. A room for your domestic help (called servant room, and I don’t say that’s a decent word to continue using) are not in the thoughts of many, but the same people are perplexed by thoughts when they do have to hire a full time domestic help to help out in chores and with children and busy lives. Upgrading to a Penthouse or 3 BHK flat from a 2 BHK or from 1 BHK apartment to 2 BHK or to 1 BHK from Studio, is a call which is sometimes not so easy to make with present situations and mindsets, but as time progresses, the thought of why we didn’t take that decision then baffles the brain, and you could have managed it your mind says, but now you can’t as to sell and buy at present prices isn’t that easy. To buys, sell, rent, invest you need to consider more than the present situation, finances. You will have to forecast, look ahead, visualize, have a vision and then take the decision of your life. Don’t overvalue yourself, but don’t under value also. Is there an option to upgrade in your terms and conditions for a new launch or under construction property? Have you asked your builder or agent that question? What would be the difference? Is a plot better to invest into or would an apartment suit your lifestyle better? A residential decision is more than just a thought. It defines the next few years or more of your life. Think hard, and choose wisely. To upgrade or stay in a better locality or to move homes to get more space. Gurgaon has plenty to choose from. Be it flats, villas, penthouses, dupleix, town houses or plots, residential opportunities are many with reputed and budding developers offering the consumer a range of choices. Builders have opened up a box of choices, what you want to pick based on your understanding will decide the course of your life and investment. A good real estate advise does more than offer you choices, he helps you make the most important decision of your life and tells you the plus and minuses of the project and the location.
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Review of Palam Vihar, Gurgaon

palam vihar

Palam Vihar is said to be one of the oldest areas of the newly found Gurgaon metropolitan. The new investors looking for space outside Delhi, but cheaper than Delhi found solace in the fact that Palam Vihar was not too far and yet much cheaper. Palam Vihar would often be called the border of the new settlements in Gurgaon way back (or not so way back) in 2002. The past saw the new residents looking for markets, connectivity and all facilities that are a challenge for the new settlements. As darkness descended, Safety was always a fear among the girls, people of good age, and scared even the men to go out late at night.

Times have changed and have changed a lot. Let us review this locality on a rank of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest ranking.

I rank Palam vihar 5 out of 5 on connectivity. It is well connected to Delhi and other parts of Gurgaon alike. It takes 20 minutes to be at Dwarka metro station, 15 minutes to the border of Delhi, 20 minutes to the Airport, 40 minutes (without traffic) to Connaught Place, and 15 minutes to MG road metro. A big hospital Columbia Asia is a 2 minutes drive. Restaurants and markets are in plenty for all budget ranges. Schools are many and roads are maintained fairly well. Traffic is manageable except at 6PM to 7 PM coming from Sheetla Mata. From Old Delhi Gurgaon road, its still fine.

I rank it 5 out of 5 on cleanliness and greenery as the tree cover and road cleanliness is awesome. Even compared to certain areas of DLF, Palam Vihar is way cleaner.

On neighbourhood, I rank it a high 5 out of 5 as well and with Raahgiri day finding its new home here on Sundays, well its a treat to be so close. The educated nuclear families who love to be in villas, and kothis, have found a green home. Some high rise luxury apartments like Celebrity Homes bring in some variety as well in terms of good apartment societies.

Malls have sprung up all over Gurgaon. Palam vihar would not be left behind on this aspect. Ansals Plaza took its time to have the footfall a mall needs, and subsequently the brands to make a presence felt, but a range of good brands of apparel, lifestyle, eateries, electronics, cinema are all around now. Ansals Plaza is a hot favorite of the local populace. The only one till now, but fair enough for the population it caters to. Ansals Corporate Plaza now seems to be catching up with a big reputed supermarket chain coming in, so Palam Vihar looks to fill up its gaps pretty well as of now.

The only thing to improve, I say, is that Palam Vihar needs to bring up standards with is the safety although it is moving there with many watchmen in almost each lane. Another area of improvement would be stray dogs and pigs found in certain areas, like in most parts of Gurgaon. Municipal Corporation needs to act on the pest control thing.

To sum it up, I would say Palam Vihar is almost there. Palam Vihar is affordable, well connected, green, has all utilities in sight and is still within budget of most middle class. Hats off !

The author writes for Capital Tree real Infra, the trusted realty consultant in Gurgaon. Reach us at

Villas, floors, penthouses and kothis in Gurgaon


A penthouse or a Dupleix excites many a buyers. The feeling of living on two floors in a luxury set up or in short to do something, which many other don’t lures many to Dupleix houses. Is it worth a deal? Is living comfortable in one? Well, it depends on how much time you spend at home, are you a TV person or where in the house you spend your maximum time. Being on two floors for many is a tiring thing when you have to go up and down many times on the same day. It is a matter of privacy and a feeling of owning something not too common that brings in many to this lifestyle. Hotels and luxury serviced apartments have been very successful in bringing in more guests with this concept. But many a times you don’t do in your home what you can do in a hotel. Many confuse a penthouse with a Dupleix. A penthouse is basically a flat on the top floor of a tall building, typically one that is luxuriously fitted. Alternatively, in the yester years in many countries it was an outhouse or shelter with a sloping roof, built on the side of the building. Many developers have brought in these concepts and for those who can afford to own one, these units sell out pretty fast. Not many are end users though, unless they do have an alternative place to be in, so this is their second property. When you want to buy, invest into something new or replace your old home by selling it off, questions as what next, or what am I missing crosses many a minds. A Kothi or villa owner is more inclined to be attracted to an apartment life, so he can live a community life, which he misses in his stand-alone unit. To buy a penthouse or a Dupleix or to go for a spacious apartment double the area on the same floor, the decision can be confusing for many. Ask yourself this, on your worst days on being sick or lazy, would you still go up and down, would be convenient enough to host someone downstairs, or would the extra floor help give you more privacy. You and you alone can answer this. An apartment with the added amenities of a dupleix or penthouse can add to luxury but can be tiring at times. The call is yours. There are a number of options available on Sohna Road, MG road, Dwarka Expressway or even Golf Course Extension road besides Southern Peripheral Road. To buy or not to buy, think about it well enough! A house is not bought everyday but is lived in every day of our lives unless you do have the moolah in to have multiple houses and the zeal to move around your properties at will every few days. The scenic beauty, the space and the concept give a different feel, but how long can you sustain it or make it your life is a decision you will take.
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Gurgaon has grown into a mature city with the latest commercial and real estate boom in the area and India in general. Merely over a decade ago, we started as a city that harbored some call centers and corporate offices of MNCs who didn’t want to be part of the big metropolitan National Capital of Delhi, but would prefer something not far from it to gain from the human resources it offered. As real estate grew and people realized that Gurgaon is the next happening thing, developers after developers made their way into the realty scene and up came the skyscrapers that now hosted big commercial entities besides the who’s who of Delhi, who either found solace in the farm houses that were part of this town much before these building came up or opted to move into luxury high end homes. The middle class executive also looked around and builders had plenty to offer. What came along the booming realty industry were new property dealers who facilitated big deals and mage huge gains. Gains for some can also be losses for others and many people claimed to have got raw deals. A good real estate broker is still the need for the hour. Dealers are plenty but advisers are few. A good adviser can help you rake in millions or leave you in the lurch wondering why would you choose a consultant without actually verifying how long has he been around, how does his office look, what kind of people does he employ and more. A great agent is what a common property finder needs to be looking at. A company that has been around for years can actually pass on some valuable information about the city and the news of what is to come ahead. Whether you look for the best agent or broker or adviser or consultant or property dealer- and you can call him anything, will decide the coming years of your life in terms of investment and lifestyle advise. Choose your advisor carefully. Mere presence and calling yourself a real estate company doesn’t necessarily make you the best or even a good agent. Why compromise when you can get a better one. A good adviser is value not only in terms of monetary value but also to help you decide your future lifestyle decisions are made with utmost clarity and you are not advised hastily. Take your time and choose your agent before you decide to go for any real estate decision.
The author is from Capital Tree – the premier real estate consulting firm in Gurgaon. With presence in the city for over a decade, the company has helped thousands realize their realty dreams and has helped hundreds of investors rake in the money. Strong relationships with individual investors and developers gives Capital Tree an edge that it passes on to you as the end customer. The company is committed to stay with you every step of the way as you invest or sell, with great advisers on board. Be it commercial or residential, there are a range of real estate solutions waiting for you to put your minds and hands into. Call your honest advisers now at 0124 4001037 or find us at to know more about our offerings.